Clinical Experience

Before coming to London to operate her Dr Li Clinic at Harley Street in London, Professor Li had been working in Tianjin General Hospital, the biggest hospital in Northern China which is advanced in general medical treatment.

Throughout her career in the hospital, she worked up from being a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Physician to Chief Physician of the TCM Department and accumulated extensive clinical experience. Dr Li has advanced acupuncture skills and excellent traditional Chinese medicine skills, and always obtains effective result. Many patients came to the hospital due to her reputation and experience. Dr Li not only explains the cause of the pain or disease from a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, but also explains why acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine can relieve the pain, cure the disease, and improve body functioning. In 2003, she selflessly worked in the SARS patients area. Her brave deed rewarded her with the title of “Excellent Individual Striving Against SARS of the City Tianjin”.

From August 1983 to October 1996, Dr Li worked as a TCM Physician, whose main duties were as following:

  • Diagnose and treat various acute and chronic diseases by traditional Chinese medicine treatment;
  • Cure diseases using acupuncture as the assistant method, and obtain effective result;
  • Prepare case histories and analyze clinical data generally, sum treatment experiment and methods;
  • Participate in the consultation of complicated and difficult diseases in the department, and propose reasonable and feasible results;
  • Conduct and supervise practicing physicians.

In November 1996, Dr. Fengxi Li was promoted to Vice-chief Physician due to her excellent performance. Her main duties were as following:

  • Be responsible for the treatment and prophylactic care, health care and research;
  • Supervise and inspect the diagnosing, treatment and special treating operation of clinic Physicians. Organize basic skills training;
  • Supervise the treatment, nursing quality, implementation of regulations and operation of medical treatment, inspect technology operation to prevent medical malpractice;
  • Study advanced medical technology. Accumulate medical data and analyse results in order to compile thesis;
  • Assist Department Director in distribution of staff and instruments, and daily management of Department;
  • Participate in clinic and consulting;
  • Organize the discussion and consultation of complicated and difficult cases, and determine final results.

From November 2004 to 2007, Dr Li worked as the Chief Physician of TCM Department, with the following responsibilities:

  • Supervise the treatment, teaching, research, technology and method training;
  • Inspect Attending Physicians and Residing Physicians, organize basic skill training;
  • Undertake the teaching and training of advanced and practicing physicians;
  • Supervise clinic using advanced technology and experiment, popularize new technology to improve medical quality;
  • Conduct research on new technology on a yearly basis;
  • Supervise the implementation by sub-Physicians of regulations and correct treatment methods;
  • Regularly consult and supervise complicated and difficult case treatment.
Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, London, Harley Street

Awarded Excellent Individual
Striving Against SARS of the City Tianjin

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